Original date:2017-01-14 14:19:37 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Project Leviathan - wxEuphoria 3.1.0 alpha1

We're back!!!

I've been trying to get this project off the ground for three years and I finally have something that builds and runs and is easily extensible. If you're wondering where I've been or why other things haven't gotten much of my attention (like iup4eu) then well, this is it. I had enough downtime over the holiday season to power through the tough parts to lay out the groud work and work out the kinks of building a new wxEuphoria library from scratch.

What is Project Leviathan?

This project is an all new library written from the ground up to supercede the previous version at Such an effort is not without its challenges of course. For one thing, this library is completely incompatible with the original, but the new design makes developing with and for wxEuphoria easier than ever before. We also plan to keep this version up to date with wxWidgets as new releases are made available upstream.

What's up with that project name?

This is inspired by the wxPython's Project Phoenix. The name is synonymous with a thing that is very large or powerful and the word evokes the sense of overwhelming effort and danger involved with the attempt tackle a project of this scale.

Why not update and extend the old library?

Matthew Lewis, the original author of wxEuphoria, did a great job on that library and we owe him a great deal of credit for his efforts. The very core of this new library is still based on his code. However, as time has moved on, the old library fell further behind the release of wxWidgets, which made it difficult to bring into the modern age. We used this as an opportunity to bring the whole thing up to date with modern tools.

What can I do with this so far?

Not much right now. Head over to the releases page to download the complete library. You can create a frame, a panel, and a button, and connect the "on click" handler to the button. Please make sure the installers work on your system and that the provided demo (C:\Euphoria\demo\wx\demo.ex) runs correctly.

Do I have to compile anything?

Nope! That's the beauty of it. Everything is baked right in! Just run the installer and away you go!

How can I help out?

The two best things you can do right now are, 1) test the releases as they're made available and 2) provide feedback or suggestions on the state and direction of the library. We've got a long way to go and your feedback will be crucial to the future of the library. Please create an issue for bug reports and feature suggestions. Keep general discussion to this forum.

Can I use this with Euphoria 3.1.x or 4.0.x?

No. This is not supported. Please do not try to do this. Bad things will happen.


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