Original date:2017-01-01 07:16:21 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Phix: peek8u deprecated.

Oh, ffs - I read something on the internet and it was WRONG! shockedshockedshocked
I knew there was a problem with unsigned 64 bit ints in 80-bit floats, so just accepted his word (/diagram) as the gospel truth.
(Figure 2.3 shows a literal 1, which I thought was odd, but y'know the whole "well, that explains it" thing.. It ain't a fixed 1.)
To my shame, I already knew there was a problem getting them in, what I missed was the (simple) problem in getting them out.;wap2 said...

The FP instructions fild/fist/fistp work with *integers* there is no instruction for unsigned integers.
The Floating Point Unit doesn't know of unsigned integers existence, so if the number won't fit in a signed integer then it is an overflow (0x80000000....).

There may be a better way (suggestions welcome) but this will load an unsigned int (already in rax):

    -- to load unsigned, right shift rax by 1, save odd bit in rcx, then *2+[0|1] 
    xor rcx,rcx 
    shr rax,1 
    rcl rcx,1 
    push rax 
    push rcx 
    fild qword[rsp] 
    fild qword[rsp+8] 
    add rsp,16 
    fadd st0,st0        -- *2 
    faddp               -- +0|1 

Extracting an uinsigned int (from an 80-bit float already in st0) is not really any better or worse:

    -- if uint>#7FFF... then uint-=#1_0000... 
    push r15            -- #4000_0000_0000_0000 
    fild qword[rsp] 
    fadd st0,st0        -- #8000_0000_0000_0000 
    fld st1 
    fnstsw ax 
    jb @f 
        fadd st0,st0    -- #1_0000_0000_0000_0000 
        fsub st1,st0 
    fstp st0            -- discard 
    fistp qword[rsp] 
    pop rax 

(Obviously, do a mov r15,h4 first when unsure, but that will be unneccessary more often than not.)
[Some further care may also be needed when dealing with already signed values, and it may be easier in hll]

So that just needs applying in ten dozen or so places throughout the backend, and peek8u can live on oops


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