Original date:2016-12-04 21:24:51 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Phix : Windows 8.s issues.

It might be an include file issue.

I've seen a couple of cases where it pig-headedly tries to load an include file that does not exist.
More than once, running p -cp has solved the issue.
If it happens to me again I'll investigate more thoroughly.
One cause I recollect is that psym.e expects a file to define some routine that it no longer does.

For now I'd suggest you install a copy of procmon to see what it is doing.
Changing the setting of showfileprogress in p.exw and running p -cp may also help.


Edit: uncommenting that ?binftab[fno] in psym.e/getBuiltin() might also help.

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