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ChrisB said...

Hi Ryan

It sounds you're stepping back from the all in one IDE / run eu program directly from the IDE without stepping outside the box solution that I thought Redy set out to be. It has been a fantastic effort on your part with an unprecedented speed of development, even with no financial reward.

Is this the case? If so I can't help thinking that this is a mistake. Euphoria has (sad to say) stagnated with a few talented solo developers each following their own directions. Redy was an opportunity to draw new talent to the language, but again, I see it fragmenting if you separate into a set of separate libraries.

To be honest, I'm beginning to struggle with the fragmentation of euphoria - stuff I do seems to work with most of what I have, but there always seems to be that 10% that I need to fiddle with / poke around with in order to get stuff running - wrong libraries in the operating system, wrong dlls, wrong or too recent an operating system.

If anyone has installed BlitzBasic / BlitzPlus or BlitzMax (all development stopped, but now open sourced, and still with a large active following), then you will know just how quickly you can have a development environment set up with several demos to pick apart.

It seems tha nowadays, if you want to be a hobby programmer with a serious language, or even a serious programmer, then there are very ew choices available for quick and easy setuo.

Even tried installin Go a few weeks ago, but that stalled because I was too lazy to set up the GitHub repositories that it seems Go needs even to start.


ABitSadToday Chris

I have not abandoned the goal of making a self-contained complete solution, i'm just expanding redycode to try to appeal to a larger audience. Don't worry, there will still be a bundled option. I just don't want to force the bundled option becuase it seems unnecessary (and makes a very large download compared to the base files). Redycode is designed to check it's own folders for a bundled euphoria, and if it isn't there, it checks for a standard euphoria installation.

As far as redylib, i don't expect people to use it with redycode. I want redycode to be useful for any kind of euphoria progarmming. But if you include redylib in your eu program, it will activate additional features in the IDE.

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