Original date:2016-09-28 17:01:52 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Switch question - yet again!

From April:

SDPringle said...

This is a known issue in Euphoria 4.1. This is not an issue in Euphoria 4.0. I invite you to use Euphoria 4.0 instead. I also think your post shows a much smaller and compact version of an example. I would like you to post it to ticket 944. Remove the Syntatic sugar provided by 4.1 and compile the latest sources of 4.0 so you don't get bit by the bugs in 4.0.5.

The ticket number is 944. It is available at

SD Pringle

The changeset date is Mon May 02 21:36:47 2016 -0300 (4 months ago), it may be worth trying this on something built after that date.


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