Original date:2016-09-23 09:28:47 Edited by: EUtoolsSmarty Subject: Re: dropping Windoze?

I would like to decrease the use of MS. Never had any install problems on MS-Windows since 1993. ( Euphoria version 3.1.1 is extremely fast )

But on the Raspberry Pi: euphoria-4.1.0-ARMv6-hardfloat-57179171dbed.tar.gz Extracted it and changed the folder-name.

After throwing eu.cfg out of bin it was possible to run animals.ex: /home/pi/eup410/bin/eui /home/pi/eup410/demo/animals.ex always runs well in the terminal.

color.ex DID RUN THE FIRST TIME, after that any file.ex with eu.cfg in place the terminal says: option 'i' must have a parameter Try 'help' for more information.

Changes in eu.cfg don't help: -eudir /home/pi/eu410 -i /home/pi/eup410/include -eudir /usr/local/euphexp

-i /usr/local/euphexp/include

Restarting the Raspi does not help.

Without the eu.cfg there are all kinds of problems, changing paths on include-files is of no help, except for files without include statements.

QUESTION 1: is it possible to walk arround the -i option ? QUESTION 2: is there a simple way to give a parameter to -i ?

The html and the pdf gives no good info about installing. Building it with a compiler is not something i have experience with.

- Why not recommend Euphoria :

The most easy to learn programming language ever.
total freedom on any editor gives your creativity a boom
first try out in MS-Windows: Version 3.1.1 from
thousands of examples of any kind
type in The Archive: "win32lib" and use the graphical power of GUI.

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