Original date:2016-08-29 10:52:16 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: EuGTK 4.11.11?

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K_D_R said...
irv said...

July 26:

So, I guess the best approach is for Eugtk to not fail if missing that dll. Is my win 7's inability to view svg files common, or do most windows Explorers handle these properly?

Edit: problem solved with next version of EuGTK - which will bypass the svg library altogether and use the lower level GdkPixbuf functions to create images from svg files.

Solution for now is to comment the line as noted earlier, and if you must use an svg file, create a GdkPixbuf and create an image from that pixbuf.

I have been watching the EuGTK Home Page like a hawk for a month, hoping to catch the next version. Any idea when it will be released?

Thanks again for EuGTK!


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