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[quote _tom] I loaded EuPortable by Andreas Wagner which includes Wee by Pete Eberlein. ~ Portable OE already has tinEWG as a gui so it is already a complete package. The advantage of IUP is that the package will be similar to what we can create for Linux. ~ If we can persuade Andreas to package the IUP gui with his portable OE then we have a "complete" starter kit for programming. The "One Click" programming package is here. [/quote]

I suspect that IUP appeals only to Windows users. Is anyone pleased with any version of IUP on Linux? I On Ubuntu I have only been able to run Habarek's IUP and editor. It is difficult to get excited about IUP on Linux with such a mature feature rich library as Irv Mullins EuGTK.

Moreover, Andreas "Portable OE" or "EuPortable" is a Windows package using a "subset" of a version of Watcom C and Euphoria 4.06 when Euphoria 4.1 is in Beta 2. Stranger still is that "EuPortable" includes WEE 0.47 which requires GTK3 and EuGTK.

Does IUP really offer hope of being more functional than EuGTK on Windows? What is going on?

Irv Mullins said...

New with version 4.9.0: I have tested EuGTK with Windows 7 and the 64-bit version of the Gtk libraries for Windows. Sorry, I do not have a 32-bit Windows installation to test. It works well, with only a few relatively minor glitches, related to use of theme icons and locale. Euphoria programs running on Windows have the Windows native look and feel (translucent titlebars, etc).

Windows users can download the appropriate GTK3 libraries (32 or 64 bit) from download and unzip them into a new C:gtk directory. Then read the instructions and run the setup programs which are found in the C:gtk bin subdirectory. Unless you run these 4 setup programs, you won't have access to the right fonts, and er.. other Windows stuff.



Download GTK Windows

Regards, Ken

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