Original date:2016-07-11 04:22:27 Edited by: Mike777b Subject: Re: RedyCode 0.9.2 released

Exactly what file should be downloaded?

[I tried]

Where should it be unzipped?

[I tried in c:\eu\eu405\RedyLib\].

Once that is done is anything else necessary or can we just navigate to a particular file in Windows Explorer and double-click?

[I tried navigating to C:\eu\eu405\RedyLib\RedyCode-master\projects\RedyCode\source and double-clicking on RedyCode.exw. and not entirely unexpectedly it didn't find the include files.]

So I created an eu.cfg and stuck it in C:\eu\eu405\RedyLib\RedyCode-master\projects\RedyCode\source with the following:

-I ..\..\..\euphoria\include\redylib_0_9 -I ..\..\..\euphoria\include

It found all the includes but crashed at line 1285 of RedyCode.exw.

When you stop laughing can you give me a nudge in the right direction?



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