Original date:2016-06-10 19:18:08 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: website Home Page Promo Text

_tom said...

I'd like to bundle OpenEuphoria, and possibly Phix, together
still need input from Pete to proceed

I suspect that's a bad idea.
All the standard include files are incompatible for one thing, and there is no easy way to write documentation that adequately covers both.
Keep them separate, and install them in different directories. Anything else will just lead to confusion and mishap.
Obviously I have no problem with a link to Phix being put next to an OpenEuphoria link.

_tom said...

What alternatives are there to Friendly..Flexible..Fast ?

I would focus more on concrete examples, impressive screenshots, cool things that have been done with it...
Stress the positives, not the negatives of other languages, actually probably best to avoid any kind of language comparison.

PS can you believe I just wrote "in fact I am pretty". smile

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