Original date:2016-06-01 15:54:58 Edited by: AndySerpa Subject: Eu->dll on Windows, can't get it to work

Using v4.1 (current downloadable beta 2) 32-bit, trying to compile to Euphoria code to a .dll. Using gcc (TDM-GCC), compiling and running a whole program works fine, but if I make a dll it exits immediately as soon as I try to call any function in the dll. Even just putting a single simple function with no includes in a file and turning that into a dll, it won't work. open_dll and define_c_func return valid numbers, but if I call the function the program immediately exits. Tried some other mingw-gcc versions, I either get linker errors and it won't compile anything or same result. (Again, I can compile a whole program and the result runs fine just dll won't work.) I've made dlls before, but not since the 2.5x days I think.

Is this just broken or is there some trick to it that I've forgotten?

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