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jimcbrown said...

the website you found is the state of the art, currently.

Sad but true!

jimcbrown said...

You can run Euphoria on the Android today, but only inside a terminal emulator. [...] Sort of like installing and running busybox for Android.

Im doing this right now im my rooted-with-busybox Android arm tablet. The jiggawatt exu version. A terminal and some text editor app are sufficient for me at the moment.

I've downloaded the euphoria-arm source package, and tried to cross-compile using arm-gcc. I did the process wrong, seems to me a chrooted environment mimicking the android filesystem tree is needed. I could do this with some effort and adb, or download the NDK and let it at the google hands, but i've made my mind at see what its possible with the CppDroid app (free, come with gcc, IDE to C/C++ and sorted libraries, avaliable at google play).

Yes, my plan now its try to compile Euphoria inside my Android arm tablet, and then, just after failing again, try a decent automated in-chroot-mimicking-android cross-compilation process.

Masochistic? Overcomplicated? I dont know. I just want to do this with the tools i already have, i.e. without installing the giant Android NDK. If could be possible to resolve it writing a shell script or three, why do a 1GB download/more than 1h setup used-once process? What do you people think?

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