Original date:2016-05-16 18:57:08 Edited by: Spock Subject: Eunet or EuLibnet or TCP socket library (or socket.e)

I have to write a custom invoice maker for our company. (They realized that the client-facing Excel or Word documents later handed to Finance to key into the accounting system were not a good idea). Anyway, I want to utilise a multi-client server system. My question is: Which communications library would suit my purposes best?

The Server will manage a small database of transactions. The Client will need to read various data items from the Server and send confirmed transactions to the Server. The size of the data strings sent to the Server will vary from eg 30 to 2000 bytes. The Server could return data between, say, 20 bytes to 20 Kbytes. Number of users could vary from 1 to 10. The basic requirements are:

  • Simplicity
  • Performance
  • Robustness

Another factor to consider is Synchronous vs Asynchronous transmissions. Personally I would favour Synchronous since the Client code should be simpler. However, a problem with the Server could stop the Client dead in its tracks. So I'm just a bit cautious about committing to it.

Has someone had experience with this sort of project that could advise? TIA.

EDIT: I'm thinking that the Server could simply be a console app that can respond quickly to requests but the Client will always be a Windows GUI program.


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