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thank you for giving this 'thing' a try.

dr_can said...

Works OK but IDE not without problems, both in layout and residual errors; why didn't you use a newer version?

If you tell me what the mods for IDE are for EuPortable I can send you a much cleaner and later version.

Puzzled by reference to Version 1.0.5 - it was never released (left as a retired number, cf. in football, in memory of Judith!).

It was the Version i had on my Computer. It was allready patched by Derek Parnell.

There was not much to change, just grep the Ide.exw for whichEu,whereEu,euDir. They are now set in win32bp.e. A little,ugly helper include file. I did this a while ago. Also there is at least on change missing. In Includes/IDE_proj.ew is a refernce to %EUDIR%, this not a good idea for a Portable Version blink

dr_can said...

Nevertheless great to see this platform being actively promoted. (Both the library and the application are major works.)

Previously the problems of OE4 and win32lib have best been solved, as you have shown, by using a version of the interpreter compiled without manifest. Am I right that "Euphoria Interpreter v4.0.6 EuPortable" is not such a version?


The problems do not show up on every Windows installation (don't ask me why), and the setup is not only for use with win32lib and the ide.
So i put the eubins, without the manifest, not in /bin/ but in /bin/NoManifest/. You can simply copy them to /bin/.


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