Original date:2016-02-03 17:36:29 Edited by: K_D_R Subject: Wee Wish List

While downloading Irv's latest EuGTK, I noticed his routine to add popup help for Gtk Widgets. The Gtk help file needed is about 5 directories deep in the Gtk3xxx installation folder so I copied all the files from /home/kenneth/gtk3/gtk+-3.18.7/docs/reference/gtk/html to a folder named Gtk3Docs which I placed in my wee directory. Then edited the path referenced in Irv's routine to reference ./wee/Gtk3Docs:

--           /* mods for GTK widget help  -- In wee.exw comment out following 3 lines 
--            if length(search_dat) = 0 then 
--                  ui_message_box_error(window_title, "File not found: euphoria/docs/html/js/search.js") 
--                  return 
--            end if 
--           */ 
      end if 
      -- search search.dat for matching entry 
      help = {} 
      for i = 1 to length(search_idx) do 
            if equal(search_idx[i], word) then 
                  help = search_dat[i] 
            end if 
      end for 
      if atom(help) or length(help) = 0 then 
--      /* Mods for Gtk widget help  -- insert following 3 lines 
            if match("Gtk",word) > 0 then -- assume gtk docs in ~/wee/Gtk3Docs folder    
                  ui_show_uri("FILE://"& canonical_path(sprintf("~/wee/Gtk3Docs/%s.html",{word}))) 
--              /* 
--                view_declaration()  --  uncomment this line and comment 
                                      --  out the following 4 lines 
                                      --  to automatically view declaraton 
                                      --  if html help is not available 
                  "Didn't find any help on the topic: "&word& 
                  "\nPlease put the cursor over an Euphoria identifier"& 
                  "\nor standard library routine and try again.") 
            end if -- Gtk Widget help mod -- insert  
      end if 

Works like a charm, but I got to thinking that perhaps the F1 hotkey help routine could be expanded to automatically or optionally call the view_declaration() routine if a help topic is not available. I suppose the ui_message_box_error routine could be edited to provide an option to view the declaration or simply continue.

Ken Rhodes

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