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ghaberek said...
xecronix said...

Instead, I would like to see the limitations further expanded based on interpreted vs compiled user programs. In particular, I'd like to consider a interpreted solution before a compiled one simultaneously released for Windows 10 64 bit, some other Windows 32 bit, latest Ubuntu 32/64 bit and latest Fedora 64 bit. This is very achievable with IUP from where we are today.

I'm not sure I understand the problem here. What constitutes an "interpreted solution?" Can you elaborate?


  • Programmer - Someone hacking away at Open Euphoria or directly responsible for building/packaging OE.
  • User - Someone that uses OE to write programs
  • Customer - Someone that executes programs the User writes.

Sure. When a Euphoria user writes a cross platform program (s)he'll want to have some assurance that the program will run unmodified on each supported platform even if the user doesn't have access to each platform. Euphoria enjoys an interpreted execution as well as compiled execution. So, if a customer does nothing more than install Euphoria a user can be assured that his program will run interpreted on the customers box.

$> eui IUPApp.ex     

So there really isn't a huge technical problem here but there should be a documented plan and package maintainers working with Euphoria programmers to ensure this can happen.

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