Original date:2016-01-07 13:29:55 Edited by: ne1uno Subject: Re: dll (probably newbie) issue.

Travis_Beaty said...

Okay. Odd things are happening, well at least odd to me.

I built qeuti.dll using the Microsoft Visual CPP compiler, but initially forgot to add __declspec(dllexport) to the function definition in my header file. This resulted in a dll that did not have the external function exposed, of course, but what is odd is that Euphoria (now 64-bit Euphoria with 64-bit dll) successfully opened the dll in this state.

Later, when I added the __declspec(dllexport), the function was exposed, but Euphoria once again could not open the dll. What am I missing here?

not sure if this is exactly the problem reported, a problem is that Qt is c++ so you can't directly link to call routines. euqt is a wrapper for Qt started by Jeremy that creates a shim wrapper. you link to it, then the wrapper links to Qt.

  • assuming you have written a shim dll, I haven't tried using MSVC compiler build of the euqt shim yet but I am not sure if that would be able to work properly, especially for translation. there is a problem with Qt using different compilers than the one the lib was built with. do a search if you are curious. quite the nightmare, though Qt itself is forward and backward compatible to an extent. you have to recompile Qt or use the proper compiler.

which version of Qt?

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