Original date:2015-12-15 15:50:32 Edited by: xecronix Subject: Re: UI Committee Round 2

jimcbrown said...

The community as a whole has a hard time settling on an option, so having a strike team that can make the final decision on its behalf was necessary. Therefore, I think it is the job of the committee to come up with the answers to the questions posed in and (though asking the wider community for input is certainly a part of that process).

Agreed. At this point the committee went with the IUP option. Now we need to move forward with requirements and implementation details. I'm hoping that this forum thread is the right place to have these conversations.

Community, Getting involved in requirement gathering discussions is actually the easy part of this process compared to some of the other easily identified roles. Such as:

  • Lead Engineer (Greg's Role)
  • Windows Package Maintainer
  • Linux Package Maintainer
  • Mac Package Maintainer
  • ARM Package Maintainer
  • Open BSD Package Maintainer
  • Net BSD Package Maintainer
  • Free BSD Package Maintainer
  • Integration Engineer (Shawn has stated he doesn't have much time. Someone else may need to pick up the role)

And of course the normal:

  • Testers
  • Doc Writters
  • Demos Writters
  • And maybe some art. smile


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