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Testing IUP

I setup a testbed for IUP and the TEE editor:

What is the "TEE editor"?

The project is so new that I haven't bugged Greg enough about a trendy name for the editor and the IUP wrapper. It also needs a trendy logo.

(That doesn't make WEE any less a favorite for me. And WEE has an unbeatable "wee logo.")

_tom "TEE" is a, just new, Euphoria editor written using the IUP interface.

"Iup for Euphoria" is a, just new, wrapper for the IUP graphical toolkit. Both are by Greg Haberek.

The download for the editor is You will want to download the mercurial repository to get the latest files--its "just new."

Perhaps Greg should change the source code file from "editor.ex" to "tee.ex" or "TEE.ex"

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