Original date:2015-12-02 11:32:32 Edited by: _tom Subject: Code Beautifier

See the home/news page for a download link to get a source-code beautifier.

I patched beautifier.ex

include std/text.e 
include std/io.e 
include std/filesys.e 
include std/sequence.e 
include std/search.e 
include std/error.e 
include myLibs/myDebug.e 
--include myLibs/common.e          --//REMOVE 
include tin/tinEWG.ew 
include tin/kisTinEWG.e 
-------------------tom patches 
public function commonField(sequence sht, integer fld, object val, integer start=1) 
-- lists records from sheet sht with value val in field fld 
  sequence res 
  if fld = 0 then return {} end if 
  res = {} 
  for i = start to length(sht) do 
    if equal(sht[i][fld], val) then 
      res = append(res, i) 
    end if 
  end for 
  return res 
end function 
-- original code follows... 

It's just a minor problem because include myLibs/common.e assumes that wind32lib is installed.

Nice app.


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