Original date:2015-10-21 22:50:55 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Re: Is there a good Windows or cross-platform Euphoria IDE?

dcuny said...

But people do complain that a GUI doesn't look native. The Metal design was quite stylish. It failed because people wanted a native look and feel, which is the approach that Swing takes today.

I believe people complain when the software don't look professional. Write an app with windows 95 look in 2015 seems strange even to computer illiterates. The whole QT gui framework don't use native controls and is used to make Gui heavy apps like Maya 3D.

dcuny said...

The real issue is supporting all the various functionality (mouse, keyboard shortcuts) that can differ from platform to platform.

This! This is the point! if your menu, edit box, window decoration(borders and min/max/close buttons) and scroll bars don't *behave* like native, the user will note and complain. In my view it should behave (even if this don't look like native). Thats why i said that Web and its Web apps are a good example of write once and run anywhere. The edit boxes and scroll bars works like native all the rest is only limited by designer's view.

To enrich the discussion, theres even a new trend in using undecorated window with a webview embedded to make the gui using web technologies (HTML and javascript). This is a known approach in mobile apps, but now for desktops too. See github's Electron ( The good: You have access to video, audio, 2d canvas, 3d with webgl canvas... out of the box The bad: Your app will weight 100mb+

Note that my initial suggestion was just to make a simple GUI API for euphoria like HUG ( We could use native or no under the hood. Why not dream? We could even use Electron under the hood ;D

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