Original date:2015-10-21 12:57:37 Edited by: elias_maluko Subject: Re: Is there a good Windows or cross-platform Euphoria IDE?

ne1uno said...

I have always though this would be the best, though will take the most work. you do wind up with a common denominator committee API that nobody really likes. some will need to bypass the API to do things other GUI can't.

That's why its important to provide a simple primitive base component (like a canvas) that can be used to render custom components.

ne1uno said...

so the idea of write once run anywhere never really happens.

The web itself provides the biggest write once run anywhere. We use buttons, labels, write texts in forms, watch video, and nobody complain that the gui dont looks like native. The problem here is the bad looking (and half implemented) controls provided by non native guis. Look at old TCL/TK guis, Swing Gui with Metal look and feel, FLTK and Fox Toolkit. All provide that ugly dated look and very fell customization options. Thats why i said once to Ryan that he should team with a designer to provide the look and feel for Redy. Maybe we, the programmers dont see, but programmer's art (in general) is ugly ;)

ne1uno said...

python had the AnyGui project, which worked ok but never got far beyond the proof of concept stage. ok for simple programs though.

I believe that happened because that was not bundled with python. Even today the python guys prever TK because its the default bundled GUI for python.

ne1uno said...

this is not far from what Ryan is doing with Redy, there are well defined files to provide the GUI primitives from any wrapper.

I think Ryan is drawing the components by itself, not relying on wrapped external controls.

xecronix said...

Thanks for the tip. I like the simplicity of the docs.

Your welcome

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