Original date:2015-10-16 10:32:56 Edited by: _tom Subject: Re: UI/IDE committee

jimcbrown said...

Here's what's going to happen. xecronix and _tom, you two will be on the committee.

I am willing to work on the committee. I am also willing to make room for anyone who has better technical ability.

From 17 Oct to 25 Oct I will not have internet access (it's going to be a 40 km bike ride to the access a hamburger internet link.)

jimcbrown said...

You will pick the third member of the committee within one week from now.

Consider this a formal request for committee members. Contact us on the forum, or use "Misc Menu|Contact Admin" to contact _tom or all administrators directly.

jimcbrown said...

Then the committee will have 31 days from the end of that week (or 38 days from now) to come up with a solution. If you can't come to an agreement by then, then it's over.

Long enough to come up with a reasoned choice. Even a final coin toss would be progress in solving a decade old issue.

jimcbrown said...

However, once the committee picks a choice, then it'll be adopted and committed to trunk.

Since the Euphoria language itself will not be impacted, any GUI choices now can always evolve to better choices. The important thing now is to just get started.

jimcbrown said...

I don't really have the power to just 'make it so', but it's been a few days and no one has objected to this approach, so I'm comfortable with it.

If there are serious objections to this approach, then I'll take it to a community-wide vote. But if there aren't, then I think it's safe to assume that a majority of the community agrees and we should go forth with this concept.

The openEuphoria project lacks a dictator (even a benevolent one); that is one reason why it seems that progress is slow. This is also a strength because everyone's opinions do count.


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