Original date:2015-10-08 11:50:59 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Re: So... what are you working on?

Our IT department is looking for a secure password management system with a hierarchical sharing nature. So far, all I've been able to find are systems that support peer-to-peer sharing, and that gets ugly really quick.

For example, we had started using Dashlane, which lets me share my passwords with other users, but I can only give them Limited Access to use the password with browser auto-fill plugin, and not otherwise view or modify the password, or Full Access, in which case they can share the password with others, modify the password, and revoke my access to the password entirely. We need something in between this with more detailed control.

Our CEO, "Bob" (not his real name) is at the top of the organization and should have access to all of the passwords added to the system by everyone else. At each level, that user has access to his/her own passwords, all of the passwords created by their subordinates, and any passwords shared down from the level above. Users at the bottom level can receive shared passwords but must be given access to create and/or modify new passwords. Users can only share and revoke downstream. Sharing upstream is always done automatically when passwords are created or modified. Groups of users should also be supported.

Does such a system exist? I aim to find out. And if it does not, I aim to write such a system. Will I write it in Euphoria? Maybe. We currently little-to-no options for strong cryptography, especially for using public and private keys, but I may be able to wrap Sodium pretty quickly. Otherwise I may write it in .NET (WinForms), or Python (wxPython), or even just plain ol' C (IUP) or C++ (wxWidgets), all of which can support Sodium.


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