Original date:2015-09-15 22:49:10 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: graphics mode 261 query

eeel said...

thank you pete

my pleasure

eeel said...

would it be fair to say that using phix will be simpler for basic pixel manipulation (in my case on windowsXP at native resolution 1024x768) than euphoria?

I wouldn't claim that outright, but maybe. It would be fair to expect teething troubles. Personally, I most certainly find Phix/arwen easier than OpenEuphoria/win32lib, anyway.

eeel said...

does anyone know if phix has the equivalent of the 'reference manual' which lists all the built-in routines & syntax?

There's a phix.chm that gets installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\Phix\docs\phix which I hope you'll like.

eeel said...

is phix a completely separate program to euphoria and thus should be installed in a completely separate folder?

Yes, definitely. Once you've done that you should find a far few demos that might interest you - arwen32dibdemo/demo_cube, arwendemo/ball, boids3d, demo_lines, demo_title, GraphR, mandel, scroller, animate_pendulum, draw_cuboid, and tinEWGdemo/poly (there's also a much simpler and probably less interesting arwendemo/Poly), from the sound of things.


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