Original date:2015-09-15 12:48:10 Edited by: xecronix Subject: Re: EuAnyRepo vs EuDrop... what's the difference?

ghaberek said...


  • I think we need functionality to easily bundle-and-ship applications to the end-user without any dependency on Euphoria or EuDrop or anything else but third-party dependencies.


# create a new Debian package from 'coolapp-1.0' 
eudrop --export coolapp-1.0 --deb coolapp-1.0.deb 
# create a new Redhat package from 'coolapp-1.0' 
eudrop --export coolapp-1.0 --rpm coolapp-1.0.rpm 
# create a new Windows installer from 'coolapp-1.0' 
eudrop --export coolapp-1.0 --exe coolapp-1.0.exe 


I haven't gone silent... I'm just thinking. The biggest question that's going through my mind right now is "Why doesn't CPAN, Ruby Gems, pip, or Composer work the way you're describing?"

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