Original date:2015-08-05 17:04:34 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Need a GUI code that already runs together with euGTK !

Hello everybody , I need a stable code for euGTK GUI Window example.

could you help me ? Have just installed euGTK.

I have this code for euphoria together with GTK. But there is a error message.

include GtkEngine.e

constant win = create(GtkWindow,{ {"title","Simple Window"}, {"default size",300,200}, {"position",GTK_WIN_POS_CENTER}}) connect(win,"destroy","Quit")

show_all(win) main()

This is the error message :

c:\Euphoria\include\GtkEngine.e:1786 <0132>:: Syntax error - expected to see possibly 'end', not '{' {x,y,w,h} = peek4u({al,4}) ^

Press Enter

Regards Hans

PS. Haven't seen a longer time my friends.

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