Original date:2015-07-17 08:19:12 Edited by: Rasti Subject: IL Engineering Library

Sorry to quote from a very old (2004) post [1].

"Derek Parnell" said...

You still won't be able to create new routines at runtime and have them execute in the same address space as the application (eg. have them share variables). With using routine-id, you can only deal with routines that already exist at runtime. There is a convoluted method of doing this in WIndows/Linux environments, but it involves compiling a new routine as a shared library (eg. a Windows DLL) at runtime then loading that library, then running the routine - not a pretty method at all.

@Jim: I was wondering, how was your IL Engineering Library able to overcome the limitations mentioned by Derek? And are the new routines created at runtime actually sharing the same address space as the rest of the program?


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