Original date:2015-07-10 15:21:27 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Compiler problem clearer I hope

DonCole said...
  • Point A *

It is not entirely clear what you mean by that.

DonCole said...

If I end it at point A the command window has no focus; I can't type in 'emake'.

If I close the main window the command window also closes.

How can I get focus back to the command window?

You can't. That command window is "in use" by your application and will not accept user input. You will have to open a second one manually and play "spot the difference" to fix this.

DonCole said...

At point A, cmd("emake") and cmd2("move...") do nothing.

try running "set path" and "where emake" to see what is going on (see below re %COMSPEC%).

DonCole said...

Therefore it's not an Open Watcom problem it's an Euphoria problem.

It sounds more like a windows setup problem to me, and in particular as above I'd question your "path" setup.

DonCole said...

To start with Window 7 Professional doesn't work with system(), (It does nothing). system_exec() does work though. So I use,

As per the docs, system_exec will not run "move...", as that is part of the operating system command interpreter, which system() uses but system_exec() does not. With the latter you can only run .exe or .com files.
You could try running system_exec("%COMSPEC% /C "&cmd), see if that helps.


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