Original date:2015-07-06 00:20:23 Edited by: ryanj Subject: Re: Rhodaplot gone?

ryanj said...
irv said...

All I get is a connection refused message.

Should the wiki entry be changed?

I just checked. is still up. Rhodaplot 1.0 release has been delayed, but it is definitely still under development.

Because of my "day job", i need to develop a rather large program built upon Redy, which means i am scheduled to shift my focus from circuit board design and other tasks that consume all of my mental energy (which keeps me from working on my programming projects because my brain is "fried" by the time i get home from work) to full-time "Euphoria programming mode" in a few weeks smile. In other words, i will be able to focus on the next release of Redy (to improve it for a real-world application) and other Redy-based projects starting in August-September, including RedyCode and Rhodaplot!

RhodaPlot is a program i'm developing because i have always been frustrated with the lack of good free graphing calculator and mathematics software that i wished i could have used in high school, college, and even now with my engineering/programming job. I guess this is one of those circumstances: "If you want something done right, do it yourself."

So, i would like to ask the Euphoria community, is anyone interested in a graphing calculator and mathematics program? Any feature requests for RhodaPlot? I am totally open to ideas.

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