Original date:2015-06-21 21:20:23 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Tight programming exercise, using bad programming practices

Spock said...

keywords like do and then are also redundant since the parser knows exactly where the expression ends.

I'd be ok if then were changed such that absence meant just one single statement follows, and no end if, otherwise, as now, <block> end if must follow. eg

if a=b puts(1,"a=b\n") 
if a=b then puts(1,"a=b\n") else puts(1,"a!=b\n") end if 

If asked to vote, my personal choice would be if only, and against a similar change to do/for/while, since one-liner loops are pretty rare anyway.

Spock said...
if x = CASE1 
elsif x = CASE2 

I think that elsif/else should (remain) illegal without a then.

Spock said...
end end end end 

I think that is a very bad idea and would argue quite strongly against dropping the end qualifier, in my opinion it is one of Eu's greatest strengths, and has saved me from myself countless times.

Spock said...

But we can't really have stuff like that because that would make Euphoria even easier to use.

Ha ha


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