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eddo said...

You know, judging from Euphoria's website and forum discussions, most developers of Euphoria would really like to see it succeed as a computer language, like Python (which I actually learned after getting so frustrated trying to use Euphoria.) Your website can't be faulted at "selling" the idea of Euphoria. I fell in love with the idea of Euphoria right-off. The trouble starts when a "beginner" downloads Euphoria to try it out!


eddo said...

Words can't begin to express how important it is that everything about using a prospective language be as simple and trouble-free as possible for a rank-beginner to use!

You so nailed it. A big part of the problem, I believe, is the lack of learning resources (beyond the manual and the basic examples).

eddo said...

Hell, you've argued for months just about things to do with your website! JUST DO IT! Change it later if experience warrants it.

I wouldn't be too harsh on this. I believe the developers are already doing what they can. The truth is, there is dire scarcity of human resources on this project.

eddo said...

Euphoria has many points to recommend it, but its strongest right now is this editor!

Interesting insight.

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