Original date:2015-06-05 09:56:51 Edited by: jmduro Subject: Re: Unified libraries to allow porting code to other oses

irv said...

But I ask once again - is wxWidgets (the current version) written in C? If C plus-plus, how do you plan to link to the functions?

There is no point in writing a wrapper for something that is no longer maintained.

Sorry irv,

I thought I answered your question previously. wxWidgets is written in C that's why Matt and Greg built a C wrapper before the Euphoria Wrapper. I know it's a bit too much wrappers:

wxSimple -> wxEuphoria -> libwxeu -> wxWidgets eu eu C C

I would like to have one syntax scheme for both Windows and Linux, even if one is based on whatever windows library and the other on EuGTK. EuGTK is great but I find it a little difficult to learn and I find GTK on Windows too heavy.

This could be leveraged by a common syntax, but EuGtk seems more atomic than Win32lib or friends: it needs more lines of code as far as I can understand.



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