Original date:2015-05-29 09:14:52 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: Easy Euphoria a Fairy tale

There's a lot of discussion about the need for a 'plonkable' GUI package to make programming easy for the masses of unwashed would-be programmers out there.

So here's my challenge:

Using the language and 'plonker' of your choice, write and post the code and exe for a program which actually does something useful - a text editor, a point-of-sale program (enter item description and price, have tax and total computed, print receipt), or other program of that scale. Opening a window and displaying "Hello World" isn't really a very good test, you know. It's what happens after you display the window where things begin to get complicated for the programmer (whether beginner or expert).

You don't have to write one especially for this purpose. You could just post some old program you have written, even years ago, just as long as it was , er, 'plonked' and you consider it was easy to write.

We can then vote on which one would be the easiest for a newcomer, and we can put together a Euphoria download that will be as easy - or easier, if possible.

Having a definite goal to work toward would allow for some actual progress.

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