Original date:2015-05-20 15:23:10 Edited by: menno Subject: Re: The old PEU

Is it a idee , as done in Peu , to make a open() which opens a tcp/ip socket in the next version of Euphoria ?

I have made a device=open("server.where",mode) . Where the mode can be a "c" for open client . And a mode "s" for server and "a" for accept and "aw" for accept with wait until there is a message .

As example see the FTP client : Look at the part "openftp" and "PASV" .

I wrote this small client because XP en Vista thiere ftp.exe does not have a pasieve mode .

A other example is a simple mail program : . Where the file "mailbody" consist of multiple mails . This example only uses port 25 . (With the wrapper to "cryptlib" you can use a tsl/ssl (port 465) connection .)

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