Original date:2015-05-20 14:45:19 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: OpenEuphoria All-in-One archives fro beginners

euphoric said...
irv said...
euphoric said...

...wxFormBuilder... Easy to use, but there are some controls not yet implemented (both in wxFormsBuilder and wxEuphoria).

Same thing applies to Glade. Unless the entire toolchain is managed by one group, that's always going to be the case.

I do want to point out, however, that EuGTK is written in Euphoria, so it's relatively easy to keep up to date, and in fact stays a step ahead of the released versions of GTK.

Irv, with wxEuphoria, I just have to include some wx*.dll files with my executable, and the end-user is ready to go. It doesn't seem to be that way with GTK. That's the only thing holding me back from exploring the EuGTK option. Can you disabuse me of that notion?

Depends. The major Linux distributions already come with all the .dll's (actually, .so) files needed as part of the standard os. Small linux versions like Puppy don't, but the needed libraries can often be added easily. The very smallest generally don't do graphics at all, or use primitive graphics libraries like tk, but people who use these generally know what they're getting and don't expect very much.

By major distros, I mean Mint, Ubuntu, Parsix, Mageia, etc. all the biggies. ... has a search feature to confirm what libraries come with what distro.

Windows, of course, is different. You have to download some libraries and run 4 'scripts' - actually exe's, that search for fonts, icons, etc. and set up the GTK dll's. Other than the download time, it takes just a few seconds, and could be made into an install package, no doubt. Unfortunately, the Windows dll's lag a few versions behind GTK. I still would like to be able to use native Windows dll's, but there seems to be too much difference bet

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