Original date:2015-05-17 17:00:27 Edited by: Spock Subject: Re: SFML2 Demo Dilema - Solved

ne1uno said...

4.1 starts up faster than 4.0.x does. at this point only bug fixes are applied to 4.0.x

is there some reason you can't translate & compile the program to executable? or is the translated program starting up slow too?

recent 4.1 beta versions on the download page.

ATM I distribute a consolidated source file (roughly 40k lines [EDIT: actually 72,255 lines]) over our office network to update the main program. Compiling & distributing an exe doesn't really appeal to me for various reasons but no doubt it will be faster. I'll do some more tests. For our XP users I'd rather leave the Status Quo as is for them since 4.1 beta seems to be a non-starter anyway. (Our IT guy wants to upgrade all XP boxes but change doesn't happen fast for us due to time/budget/personalities..)


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