Original date:2015-05-12 20:05:42 Edited by: Spock Subject: Re: SFML2 Demo Dilema - Solved

ghaberek said...
Shian_Lee said...

But in general, Euphoria 4 is getting more and more stuffy and with too many options, i.e.: not reliable.

I couldn't possibly agree with this statement. The memstruct features alone are a huge advantage. I've never had any reliability issues with any stable release of Euphoria. I've certainly tried out plenty of betas and nightly builds which were unreliable but those issues were promptly fixed.

I don't know why I'm arguing this though. I've been around Euphoria a long time now and it seems that with every generation of the language, there are naysayers who would prefer that the language stagnate and rot rather than improve upon itself over time.


Speaking of stagnation, when will the next stable version of Euphoria be released? 4.0.5 is too unstable (silent exit roughly 20% of the time) for *some* of my apps, even though they all run on the same base win32 library). I never was able to figure out the root cause (almost certainly some issue internal to Euphoria that the devs ain't yet fixed). The startup time for 4.0.5 is far too slow as well. The end result is that I and my users have to run my programs using 4.0.0 which, in not too many months, will be 5 years old...

ghaberek said...

.. The memstruct features alone are a huge advantage..

This is rather overstating it, don't you think? A bit like pouring a cup of hot water into a bath full of warm water. Yeah, there'll be an improvement but not by all that much. Will this "huge advantage" be in the next official release? Apparently not..

That certainly fits the definition of stagnating.


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