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Shian_Lee said...
jimcbrown said...

If I have misunderstood you, then please enumerate the specific changes that you'd like to see in 3.1.2 or 3.2

Not much. Of course it should support modern platforms, and as I said before: it should include the expected tools for creating applications: Good documentation, essential libraries and wrappers, good IDE and good setup programs for each OS.

By "Not much" I mean few keywords, such as public and export and probably I forgot something else.

I agree with Shian in that, as regards the language, not much more was required to improve it. The main thing I would have wanted was forward routine calls references (which I had been emulating using routine_id()). I never added the additional keywords public, export, override to Orac yet I get mostly the same control over exported/exposed symbols as does 4.0

I realize now, though, that this text based way of programming can be quite cumbersome when fundamental changes need to be made to large interconnected programs (includes). Anyway..

The other main change I would have wanted was genuine 32-bits integer. So many data conventions are based on the full bit depth that it would have made sense to accomodate them natively.

A wish list is a bit late now, I suppose. Even if someone did add these things to 3.2 what about any important bug fixes that went into 4.0 that later programs require? No. Too much work for someone.


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