Original date:2015-04-18 00:38:39 Edited by: K_D_R Subject: Re: WEE: Icon Request

PeteE said...

Oh, I get it now. What I'm going to do is use the include_paths(), which is controlled by the eu.cfg, to search for the selected interpreter. I think that will work. Sorry I was harsh on you, Ken.

Edit: include_paths won't work. It only returns the include paths of the interpreter wee is currently running in; it doesn't look for a eu.cfg in the current directory at runtime.

Add a "Choose alternate eu.cfg file" menu option which woul call a file selector set to filter "eu.cfg" files, allowing the user to navigate to a directory with the desired eu.cfg file. The full path to that eu.cfg file can be passed to the interpreter command using "-c filename".

Frankly, I think you should just not try to support euphoria versions less than 4. Passing the full path to an alternate "eu.cfg" file will effect the selection different interpreters.

Regards, Ken

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