Original date:2015-03-24 05:41:30 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: Block Text in Win32lib

Icy_Viking said...

Really? I was hoping there would be a fix for it by now. I guess I could use another GUI library, but I have made progress on this project using win32lib. wxWidgets would be a good choice, though GTK looks good, but I don't think there's a windows version for version 3 of GTK yet of a Euphoria wrapper. However, I could make one for windows.

EuGTK 4.9.2 is looking good on Windows, with some minor exceptions related to svga images - solution: use other types of image, and missing themes (supply your own special icons). GTK for Windows is at version 3.6.4, so it is missing a few new features, none of them critical. A stripped-down set of 64-bit Windows dll's along with EuGTK 4.9.2 is available here: , and full sets of GTK 3 for 32 bit Windows, OSX, etc. can be downloaded from

That said, I need someone who is familiar with Windows to work out some details, such as where is the correct place to put the dll's, what to do about themes, and minor problems such as printer fonts having to be different sizes on Windows vs. Linux.

Hopefully, someone will help with these things so that I can include the fixes in the next update at the end of the month.

EuGTK programs seem (to me, at least) to be much easier to write, since GTK was designed in an object-oriented way. And the GTK documentation is not only better organized than Windows API, but is a whole lot smaller. Small is good:)

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