Original date:2015-03-04 17:11:14 Edited by: jimcbrown Subject: Re: Syntax for OR

katsmeow said...

I did not, it was completely a random grouping.

Here's your response. I stand by my statement.

katsmeow said...

Use parentheses liberally, they come free with each OE installation.

if seqConn[1] = (1 or 3) then 
I tend to use equal() on everything, saves crashing from unequal sequence lengths and other nonsense.


katsmeow said...
jimcbrown said...
katsmeow said...

The specified '1' and '3' may have been easier to type for this illustration than the actual numerals in the actual code. I knew when i posted the first time that '(1 or 3)' could be reduced,

But (unless both numerals are zero) it's always reduced to the same value, regardless. I don't see how typing '(1 or 3)' is easier than just typing '1'.

It's not always reduced,

It is always reduced by the interpreter.

katsmeow said...

i didn't reduce it, i typed it out, same as the OP did.

Conceded. Still sounds like this should be (slightly) harder, not easier.

katsmeow said...
jimcbrown said...
katsmeow said...

but the secondary point i was making is next year the OP may not realise what his code was doing, and may be guessing as much as we were.

Aha! So Derek's interpretation was slighly off - this was a secondary point, not a major point!

Why do you care so much? What Derek said is also valid.

I think this merely reaffirms Derek's main point - for the purposes of clarity, it's best to spell out as much as possible, including what one's assumptions are.

katsmeow said...
jimcbrown said...

I also support having the OP making nirs code as readable as possible by proper use of parentheses, as you suggest below.

This is the third(?) time

I haven't been keeping track.

katsmeow said...

you openly question the sex and/or gender of the OP. Why do you care so much? Is this like irc, where the answer depends on the OP's genitals or their cultural roles?

I'm not openly questioning the gender of the OP. I don't care about that, I'm simply refusing - unlike some others here - to assume that the OP is male until told otherwise.

katsmeow said...

This series of snappy follow-ups, where you must respond to everything i post, and take apart to analyse everything i say, is usually the precursor to a fight.

Then, perhaps it makes sense to take things off of the forum here. I think you and others have already provided all the necessary technical information to the OP to answer the OP's original question from all angles.

With that in mind, if you wish to make a response to this post, I invite you to reply to me privately through either _tom or ChrisB, by emailing them.

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