Original date:2015-02-17 06:20:48 Edited by: jimcbrown Subject: Re: On Topic: OE on the Pi

GreenEuphorian said...
ChrisB said...


Ah yes, Mr Sleepy Lazy here. Optimistically expecting an euphoria.apk file that I'd missed, that I could dump onto my phone, and write eu apps.



That's precisely what I was looking forward to.

I've looked into this. To make a true apk, we'd need to change the interpreter from being a self contained executable into a shared library. This shared library would be invoked via JNI, and include a bunch of java libraries to facilitate this interaction.

Making an Euphoria interpreter as a shared library that can be embedded has been a goal for a very long time, but it's far from being accomplished. It looks like this will be a prerequisite to creating an apk for OpenEuphoria.

However, BusyBox obviously can't work like this. Yet apks for BusyBox installers on the Android platform do exist. I haven't been able to figure out how these work, but we should be able to take a similar approach - a java app, easily turned into an apk, that merely "installs" the existing Euphoria binaries that we have for ARM.

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