Original date:2015-02-03 19:03:16 Edited by: GreenEuphorian Subject: Re: Moderation

Jim, I seriously believe that no one should be banned as such. Instead we could require that, once the forum categories/sections are implemented (as per current plans), people with weird posts be restricted to a FreeTalk section (unmoderated posts, off-topic posts, hilarious contents, cranks, etc).

By setting an option, each user will be given the choice to automatically filter out all posts belonging that category. Everyone will be happy, hopefully. This way serious programmers will no longer be disturbed by cranks.

Another solution could be a censorship system at the user's level: each user will be able to ban any given poster from his view. I may dislike a person's posts but this does not mean that they must be unacceptable to everyone. If I get to filter them out at the individual level, this would instantly solve the problem.


Green Euphorian

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