Original date:2015-02-02 13:24:22 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: OpenEuphoria's Strategy

People here seem to have forgotten the reason that there is an OpenEuphoria:

Computers, and the uses to which people put their computers, were growing rapidly, and Euphoria was growing, at best, at a 'glacial' pace.

It wouldn't run on any platform but DOS (with a passing and pretty-much unusable flirtation with Windows). Eu was already out-of-date, since we were using the internet to request various 'modern' features.

Rob's idea of letting the users write all the badly-needed stuff, but this didn't work very well. Some were impossible - such as getting Eu to run on Linux or Mac. Others were possible, but were done in different, non-compatible, and often incomplete, ways by various users. Some are just to massive for one user to handle.

That's why Rob released the source. Apparently, that's not working too well either, but at least there's some progress.

I'm puzzled by the posters here who seem to want Euphoria to be unusable on modern computers. I'm also puzzled why they bother to make the request, since as far as I know, Eu 2.1 is freely available. Download it, and then go dig up a 286 computer with 256 megs of memory to run it on. There's no need to force the rest of us to go retro.

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