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I quote:
Anyways, I respect your choice. The forum will still be here if you ever change your mind. EndQuote

I don't think I, for one, will EVER change my mind
on this matter AFTER 46 years of programming experience from CPM on till now
and creating an algorhythm in the days of Windows 3.11
that did exactly the same thing with TSR, Windows did in those days,
SINGLEHANDEDLY in 24 hrs in 86asm
(I called it MegaPod and still have the floppy of it)
after my 3rd almost death by asthma
like happened between sept 26 thru 28 2014
after the 5th time in my life
and found back THAT very Inspiration like in those days

BTW I am Dutch and back in the 15th and 16th Century
WAY UNDER 1,000,000 of us clog-wearing stubborn men
became world-leaders in almost any field
against the numeric overpowering cooperation
of France, Spain and The Commonwealth
AND conquered the seven seas as few as we were

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