Original date:2015-01-23 02:09:07 Edited by: cargoan Subject: Re: text.e bugs?

jimcbrown said...

Can you just send me your finished version of text.e , with all patches already applied?


interpreting /home/cargoan/euphoria-LINUX-4.1.0/tests/t_text.e: 
  failed: format 'AH', expected: "11111111111111111111111101001111" but got: "1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111101001111" 
  178 tests run, 177 passed, 1 failed, 99% success 
FAILURE: /home/cargoan/euphoria-LINUX-4.1.0/tests/t_text.e program died with status 1 
Test results summary: 
    FAIL: /home/cargoan/euphoria-LINUX-4.1.0/tests/t_text.e 
Files (run: 1) (failed: 1) (0% success) 

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