Original date:2015-01-21 12:01:56 Edited by: ryanj Subject: Re: Redy 1.0.a1 released!

jimcbrown said...
ryanj said...

I just need a raw x-windows or XCB and/or svgalib wrapper. If someone could get something like that working, then i would have a place to start with getting Redy to work on linux.

Bernie Ryan wrote an svgalib wrapper a very long time ago. He used it with eu_engin.e - a library that ported the Eu DOS graphics routines to work with exu.

After i posted that, i remembered i had seen something about svgalib in the eu archive in the past. Once i get a linux machine (real or virtual) set up, i should try it. It would be useful for making a full-screen GUI and desktop environment for RedyOS (Bare-minimum Linux + Euphoria + Redy). The purpose would be to have a very simple low-power embedded computer used for dedicated applications.

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