Original date:2015-01-12 20:11:40 Edited by: Ekhnat0n Subject: Re: Fallbacks in Euphoria

Thanks a lot, it is clear to me now what fall-backs are and what they are supposed to do.
So please give me a couple of days to ponder over the way to apply them in Euphoria.
I guess I might be able to come up with an algorythm that does the trick.

I will go and GOOGLE Lua and the way it implements these fallbacks
which in a way of speaking simply are dedicated error-handling routines if I get the drift correctly.
BTW where are you from? I am from the Netherlands but currently on the move all over Europe
visiting old friends to get their support and assistance for the plan I am about to roll out in the near future
(probably 2015-02-03 (febr 3rd) being the 74th birthday of my deceased wife).

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