Original date:2015-01-12 10:02:22 Edited by: useless_ Subject: Re: Euphoria's strengths

jimcbrown said...
mattlewis said...

We've started with this. It's low level, but euphoria/debug/debug.e (4.1) has opened up some reflection capabilities to euphoria programs.

I feel we should point out that a lot of what debug.e does doesn't work on translated (at least not yet).

i would be very happy to see code appear as interpreted-only, just to get it. I have not bound or compiled Eu in over a decade. Of course, i may want to again some day, and i understand why the interpreted and compiled (and bound?) should act the same. Ummm am i correct that if a feature runs only interpreted, it runs when bound too?

I seem to recall my patch to news.e to speed it up also didn't work if compiled. That was a tasks.e issue.


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